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Gold plated jewelry varies across manufacturers and designers which may lead to varying qualities. However, Versace gold chains are beautiful and robust pieces with genuine weight. You should note that gold plated jewelry is not the same as a solid gold pieces with karatage of 10k, 12k, 14k 18k up to 24k. For a metal to be considered Gold it has to be at least 41.7% pure Gold as a part of its total weight. Solid gold will keep its color forever through years of wear and tear, unlike Gold Plated jewelry. Solid Gold might lose its shine, but the piece can be re-plated by a certified jeweler.

What is Gold Plating or Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold Plated Jewelry is made with a base metal which is then electroplated with gold. Usually a steel or brass item dipped into a bath of electroplating solution that deposits a thin layer of gold on the jewelry. This thin layer of gold may be applied more than once to improve the quality and longevity of the chain or jewelry.

How to care for your new Versace gold plated chain and or jewelry?

You can use some of these points for solid gold pieces or other materials also.

1. Avoid water: especially sea water / salt water and water with chlorine.

2. It's an luxury piece, hence its not for everyday of the week.

3. Very important note! Avoid or minimize contact of your Versace chains or jewelry from clashing with other jewelry that may scrape or damage the plating over time.

4. You will receive a case, box or pouch for your Versace chain or jewelry. Store it/them in this container when the chain or jewelry is not being worn. This helps protect the chain from abrasions, moisture and dust particles. This will make your Versace chain last longer and maintains its shiny lustre.

5. In case you do damage the plating on the Versace chain by accident or due to wear and tear from years of use (ex. Vintage pieces), a certified jeweler can re-plate it for you at a cost.

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  • I have a Versace neckles and it lost its color how much would it be to put it back in shape

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